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throwing dart:

throwing dart: About a foot long, body is 3/4" diameter stick split into quarters at one end to hold the fins which are cut from plastic gallon milk jugs. Can be thrown more accurately then you might expect.


duodecahedron: 12 sided regular(all sides the same) polyhedron made from paper. About 6 inches across. One pentagon is drawn with an adjoining pentagon on each side. Make another such piece. One way to proceed from there is to sew the joints together. That's how the one in this photo was done.


mechoinsecta: Made from clotheshanger wire and a spent CO2 cartridge.


pinwheel: About 4 inches across, has a straight pin as an axle with a plastic bead between the wheel's hub and the pencil eraser to cut down on friction. Turns easily.

string climber:

string climber: About 7 inches high, made from clotheshanger wire, a rubber band, a paper clip, a couple of pieces of plastic tube from an ink pen barrel and a little string. The relative dimensions are a bit critical for it to operate. You repeatedly pull and release the string which hangs below the climber which advances a little with each pull.

time projector:

time projector: This was a battery powered flashlight that projected the time of day on a surface about 1 to 12 feet away. I use it to constantly project the time onto the ceiling above my bed. I crack an eye open anytime I wake to see what time it is. Flashlight bulbs only last about 20 hours, so I replaced it with an extra bright led. A 3 volt ac to dc power supply is used instead of batteries.

disc ball:

disc ball: Made from thin cardboard discs slotted, slipped together and glued. About 4 inches in diameter. Took about 4 hours to make.

geodesic dome:

geodesic dome: 7 feet across made from tubes, each one a rolled up full sheet of newspaper. Masking tape holds the ends together. Hung from thumb tacks on my bedroom ceiling. I just like to look at it.

wooden spoon:

wooden spoon: About a foot long made from locust wood with flat chisel, half round chisel, hammer and drill and bit. Would make a good club for fending off attacking dog I suppose. For some reason I like it.


cubbybox: Made from a pizza box, glue and string. Hangs on my bedroom wall displaying dozens of small knicknacks that I particularly like.

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