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ride pulley:

ride pulley: made from junk bicycle parts. I put it on a steel cable stretched over a water-filled stripmine. One end of the cable was higher than the other. Put the pulley at the high end, grab hold the handles, let go when you are over deep water.

keyboard heater:

keyboard heater: made from 16 feet of heat tape tied with string to a piece of corrugated cardboard. Put the keyboard within the coils. Good for keeping the hands warm in a cold room when doing a lot of keying.

tv holder:

tv holder: holds a very small tv at the proper position for viewing for someone lying on their back in bed. Swings out of the way when not in use.

the holder without the tv: hinge holds the left end of the horizontal wooden swing arm, wire anchored to wall with screw hooks.

speaker box:

speaker box: made from particle board, 1 by 2, screws and nails. Easy to make and rugged.


shelf: on the wall down about 10 inches from the ceiling, goes most of the way around my room.

grape arbor:

grape arbor: made from locust posts and 60 amp aluminum electrical cable.
cable wrapped around posts

box lid latch:

box lid latch: made from coathanger wire, holds the lids of a cardboard box closed, easily opened and closed by sliding a couple of inches along the slot. This one holds a box closed so the stuff inside doesn't spill out.

latch full view: the arm ending in a oval loop goes behind the inner box flap.

box lid latch:

box lid latch: this one has no handle, is easier to make, and allows laying something on top of box, a little harder to grip.

latch full view: the loop that is outside the box is made a little extra large so it can serve as a handle.

aimable light shade:

aimable light shade: thin aluminum pie pan and clothes hanger. Turn it to light or shade an area of the room. It keeps light off my computer screen.

radio hanger:

radio hanger: bent wire, holds weather radio on wall. Frees horizontal surface areas for other uses.

radio hanger: upper cross piece has hooked ends that fit around uprights.

paper hanger:

paper hanger: a piece of steel strapping mounted on the wall, about 4 foot long. Rightmost 1 foot shown. Wire hanger visible at left of photo. Soda bottle cap taped behind strap to hold strap away from wall. A good way to hang sheets of paper (or photos) that I want to see without having to find them in a pile of other papers.
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