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therapy hole:

therapy hole: I dug this hole in my garden when my marriage was breaking up. It's about 6 feet by 8 feet and 4 feet deep. The bottom couple of feet was hard shale, thus the spud bar. Dug 2 of those holes that summer. Wheel barrowed the shale to a ravine about 100 feet away. Then filled each hole with top soil. Ought to grow good vegetabels with that deep topsoil.

bicycle generator:

bicycle generator: The rear wheel turns a generator from an old Volkswagon. I brazed short pipe pieces to the rear axle nuts. You can use it for exercise and to charge a 12 volt car battery.

bicycle/generator stand: Made from hardboard(like 3/16 inch thick hard particle board) nailed to 3/4 inch thick boards. The pipe pieces rest in notches on the stand's uprights. Wood block wired in place over pipe holds it in place. Generator is mounted with a hinge so that it pivots. A spring pulls on the generator keeping the pulley pushed against the tire.

key force measurer:

key force measurer: Rest the bottom loop on a key. Put enough pennies in the plastic tube so there is just enough weight to push the key down. Weight the force measurer and you know how much force it takes to push down the key. I used this to shop for a keyboard that's easier on the fingers and hands. An important thing for someone who keys a lot of hours each day..

watch battery:

watch battery: Insulated copper wire soldered to the AAA battery ends takes power to the watch. Steel wire holds the battery in place. Got tired of replacing those little pill batteries. This battery should last about 4 years. Now that's a watch battery!

binocular brace:

binocular brace: A loop cut from old tire inner tube and a loop of cord holds the binoculars to a large stick. With 10 power binoculars you need something to keep the binoculars steady. Otherwise what you're looking at seems to jitter around.

brace pole: About 6 feet long. Made from ash tree. Near the big end, a 8 inch section is covered by tire inner tube rubber. That gives a non slip surface for the binoculars to rest against.

trap car:

trap car: Wheels are cds, wooden blocks for wheel hubs, clothes hanger wire for axles, mouse trap for power, popsicle sticks for structural members to add length. Cds are held to hubs with small screws. If you have a way to drill a perpendicular hole for the axle and carefully place the axle at the center of the cd, the wheels won't wobble. Goes 30 to 40 feet on a smooth surface.

trileg what's it:

trileg what's it: Made from coathanger wire, plastic water bottle lids, and a pineapple can. Legs can be out as shown or up and down as in the next photo. Maybe I like it because I can hope to find some use for it that only the trileg would provide.

up position: With the legs in, it will stand tall.

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