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knit hat:

My first knitting project. Done to teach myself how to knit, so I could then teach my Mom. She has knitted all her life but since having a couple of strokes she must relearn. I like the one-of-a-kind look to this hat. It's nice and warm too. Four rectangular pieces were made separately and then stitched together. Two of the pieces are dual colored, two are all brown. Roughly the standard knit hat shape. Shown with the bottom edge folded up.


Not gloves, not mittens. They're better than gloves: the little finger and the ring finger keep each other warm. They're better than mittens: you can use the index and middle finger individually. I did these intending to find out how to do gloves so I could work with my Mom to make a pair of gloves.

night socks:

These where made on a simple loom called a Nifty Knitter ( I did the heels and toes. My Mom did the rest. The loom makes the same stitching as basic knitting with needles. The loom is a very simple device and probably less demanding than knitting. The socks are made using extra thick yarn. I wear regular socks underneath and these overtop to keep my feet warm on winter nights. I set the thermostat at 60 degrees F. Believe me, these socks are appreciated.

loom-made hat:

My Mom made this. She will be 94 in April 2005. The hat is a gift for her sister's son-in-law.

wire sculpture:

wire sculpture: Made from two pieces of clothes hanger wire tied together and glued. Makes me think that making other shapes from wire might be fun.

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