I suppose I have a greater than average awareness and appreciation of mechanical devices. I grew up on a farm. Accomplishing the tasks necesary for carrying on the operations of a farm often involve ingenuity in fixing out-of-order equipment or fashioning a make-do device to serve some need. I often built simple gadgets and gizmos for the fun of it .
I came to believe that nothing contributed more to ones enjoyment of life than learning about the world and appreciating the beauty and complexity of all that is around us.
I like reality based entertainment. Learning about the world and appreciating its complexity and beauty should be a valued part of our lives. That belief inspired me to start Slickditty Software in 1996. That company produces content that encourages appreciation and wonder for the world and the great opportunities it presents.
I have tried to make this web site reflect my values and interests.

My kind of tinkering

Here are photos and brief descriptions of a few of the mechanical things I have built. The designs for some of them come from books I have read. I changed and added to what I saw in those books and ended up with designs that for me inspire wonder in the world and in the human mind.

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