Microscope Image Quiz 1

The photographs on this page were made with powerful microscopes. The microscopes make tiny things look very much larger. How something looks using a microscope is so different that it is often difficult to know what you are looking at.
By each photo is a list of possible descriptions for that photo. Choose which one you think is the correct description.

what's it #1
 1. You've probably never seen one of these this close up before. What is it?
   a. a gripping appendage on the foot of a honeybee.
   b. two strands of silk beginning to flow from a spider.
   c. the head of a ladybird beetle.
   d. an insect egg being taken into a spider's mouth.


what's it #1
 2. No, it's not cheese puffs. It's something much smaller.
   a. pine needles.
   b. spider's silk.
   c. fiber from a dandelion flower.
   d. human hair.

what's it #1
  3. It looks like a coiled telephone cord ....
   a. human chromosone.
   b. light bulb filament.
   c. a tiny spring made to be used in a vcr.
   d. electrical cord used to connect batteries to a pace maker.

what's it #1
  4. This guy has a few pieces broken off.
   a. fly's head.
   b. ant's head.

what's it #1
 5. It's not a Christmas decoration.
   a. a bee's eye.
   b. the external stomach sac of a flea used to store blood sucked from the flea's victim.
   c. the structure is a filter that keeps dust and debris from entering an ant's body when it breathes.
   d. one of many gripping pads on the bottom of an ant's foot.

what's it #1
 6. This reminds me of something from a car wash or a kelp bed.
   a. steel wool.
   b. cotton cloth.
   c. paper towel.
   d. a type of mold that grows on bread.

what's it #1
 7. Looks like football shaped corn chex cereal.
   a. pollen grains.
   b. fly eggs.
   c. bacteria.
   d. strawberry seeds.

what's it #1
 8. The world's largest ball of spider's web?
   a. cotton swab(such as a q-tip brand swab).
   b. a type of material placed inside packages to keep items from being damaged.
   c. fiberglass thermal insulation used in houses.
   d. a cluster of household dust also known as a dust bunny.

what's it #1
 9. The microscopic photo reveals that this material is mostly empty space.
   a. soap suds.
   b. fungus.
   c. foam rubber cushion.
   d. rice crispy.

what's it #1
 10. Looks much like old cobblestone street pavement.
   a. dried mud.
   b. stone.
   c. marshmellow.
   d. snake's skin.

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