Household Items Image Quiz 1

The photographs on this page show a portion of a familiar object. Only a small part of the object is shown so it is not so easy to know what the object is.
By each photo is a list of possible descriptions for that photo. Choose which one you think is the correct description.

what's it #1
 1. This is a close up view of part of a household item. What is it?
   a. door mat.
   b. paint brush.
   c. dinner table place mat.
   d. broom.


what's it #2
 2. This gadget maybe is not as common as it was years ago. Most people will know it when they see the full view photograph.
   a. gyroscope.
   b. gas stove burner.
   c. egg beater.
   d. pizza cutter.

what's it #3
  3. This is a familiar item to some if not most people.
   a. base of a table lamp.
   b. c clamp.
   c. the end of a portable tv antenna.
   d. the bottom of a chair leg.

what's it #4
  4. It's not a special type of file. What is it?
   a. adjustable pliers.
   b. hair clippers.
   c. bottom of a shoe.
   d. bolt made with a hole for a locking pin.


what's it #5
 5. They seem to be holes, but holes in what?
   a. bathroom shower head.
   b. sprinkling can end.
   c. salt shaker top.
   d. cheese grater.

what's it #6
 6. Well, it sure looks like it has a spring on it.
   a. the mechanism that closes the lid of a music box.
   b. clip board.
   c. mouse trap.
   d. spring mechanism that holds the door closed on a grandfather clock cabinet.

what's it #7
 7. This has artistic qualities but was not made as a work of art.
   a. lawn sprinkler.
   b. citrus juicer.
   c. water hose nozzle.
   d. gas stove.

what's it #8
 8. It looks like a prize at an amusement park.
   a. a type of insect.
   b. stuffed toy.
   c. baby seal.
   d. popcorn.

what's it #9
 9. Looks like some kind of high technology scientific apparatus..
   a. can opener.
   b. fishing rod and reel part.
   c. shelf bracket inside of a refrigerator.
   d. thread guide on a sewing machine.

what's it #10
 10. It's metal and wood.
   a. hinge on a folding chair.
   b. camping tent hinge.
   c. baby's crib part.
   d. clothespin.

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