Being Happy Quiz

  1. What is your opinion of making faces in the mirror?
a. No fun at all.
b. It's a silly thing to do.
c. It's fun and I sometimes do it.
d. I sometimes do it but I would never let anybody know that I do it.

  1. When you feel upset, what do you do?
a. Eat high calorie food even though you believe you should not.
b. Get angry and give people a hard time.
c. Tell yourself that you don't want to feel bad. Then decide what to do about whatever it is that is upsetting you.
d. Do something that you like to do such as watching tv or going for a walk.

  1. When someone succeeds greatly, how do you react?
a. You feel glad because that person accomplished something.
b. You feel bad because you did not do as well.
c. You decide to accomplish something that you can feel good about.
d. Think of a reason why the peson's accomplishment is not a good thing.

  1. How do you feel about hobbies?
a. There's nothing you're interested in enough to do as a hobby.
b. You have at least one hobby that you like.
c. You don't have time for a hobby.
d. You don't have a hobby, but would like to have at least one.

  1. You've gotten back a test that you took at school. Your score is low and you are unhappy about it.
a. You think about why you scored low. You decide what to do so that your scores will be better from now on.
b. It's not important. Your grade average for the class is what counts.
c. Sometimes a test is unfair or you score low for some reason that is not your fault.
d. You often score low on test and can't do anything about it.

  1. It's the weekend and you have nothing planned. What will you do for fun?
a. Maybe buy clothes at the mall that look cool.
b. Call a friend and discuss ideas about things to do.
c. Go see a movie that you want very much to see. Or do something else that you like.
d. Watch tv.
e. Rest, relax, stay open to whatever might develop.

  1. You want to have some fun and think of several things you could do.
a. You decide that none of them would actually be fun.
b. Usually you're too tired to do any fun things. What's best is to rest so that you'll feel better.
c. Usually you need to think of something better to do. The things you do think of just aren't worth the time and effort.
d. Pick your best idea and go with it even if it does seem a little lame.

  1. You wonder why you don't feel happy more often.
a. It's probably because you were not taught how to enjoy life.
b. There are a lot of problems and hardships in life.
c. I was born with only a little ability to feel happy and that's not going to change much.
d. I have trouble remembering to pay attention to all the good things in my life.

  1. I don't like people and feel uncomfortable around strangers.
a. I wish I wasn't so nervous around people. I should spend more time around people. Then I could get used to it and enjoy it.
b. I think too much about the trouble people cause and not enough about the good that they do.
c. When I'm around people I usually can't think of anything interesting to say. Most of what I want to say is whining or bragging.
d. I can't relax around people. I feel like I have to be better than what I really am.

  1. Something has happened that makes you feel bad. What can you do to stop the pain?
a. Try not to think about it.
b. Pretend that it never happened.
c. It doesn't make sense to punish yourself. Tell yourself that feeling bad is not something that you should allow.
d. Make something good from a bad experience. Let us say for example, that you are upset that someone lied to you. Decide that it is usually better to tell the truth and be proud when you do tell the truth.

  1. You have tried to do something and have failed. How do you react?
a. I feel bad. I'm not as good of a person as I should be and that is why I failed.
b. I fail often. I fail more than most people. There's not much I can do to change that.
c. If I wanted to succeed I would have. But why should I want to?
d. Everybody fails often. Just make the most of it and try to do as well as you can.

  1. You feel mixed up. Just about everything has good and bad things about it? How can I ever be happy feeling like that?
a. That's just the way it is to be human. Make the most of it. Appreciate the good side of things as much as possible. The good things in life are what's most important.
b. Ignore the bad side of things. If you try hard enough for long enough, the unpleasant thoughts will stop.
c. You need to spend more time thinking about the good things.
d. Don't do much about it. Things will work out. When I get the things I am working for I will be happy.

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