Things to make - Big mouth puppet

A sheet of paper can be folded to make what resembles a bird's head with a large mouth that can be opened and closed.
4 layer fan Fold an 8 1/2 by eleven inch sheet of paper in half by bringing the top and bottom edges together and creasing. Then fold each half in half to make the shape shown in the sketch.
Then fold each of the 4 corners as shown. make 45 degree corners
Fold down the corners as shown in this sketch. more 45 degree
Then fold the sides up. fold sides up

Measure to find the center of the long edge. Tear or cut there to make a slit about 1/2 inch long in the edges of both layers. Fold the edges outward by creasing where the dotted line indicates. make flanges
Pull the shape apart at the slits. make flanges
Finally bring the pointed parts of the structure together to make a beak. Hold with the thumb and index finger at the places marked with arrows. Squeeze and open to make the mouth open and close. marks for easel shape

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