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This is a summary of the article "Homemade Prosperity - Escaping The Consumer Trap" by Shannon Hayes.

A couple of generations ago it was common for people to make most needed items from locally available materials. The industrial revolution changed lifestyles so that the money earned at a 40 hour per week away from home job is exchanged for all manor of consumer goods used in a household. There is great utility in that system - machine-made goods are efficiently produced and relatively inexpensive. But the media has programmed us into thinking consumption of consumer products is what produces happiness. We have been convinced that the greater the income and the greater our consumption, the happier we will be.

There are problems with this philosophy. Two income families and the demands of high income careers stress family relationships, lessen our appreciation of the fundamentals of living, and degrade enjoyment.

You may want to change your attitude so that "...., relationships are deeper, children are more connected with the life systems that support them, and the family can make it through economic hard times with dignity and joy."


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