The Ebomb.txt

This is a review/summary of the npr audio program "News Roundup: EMP Bomb".
News roundup: EMP Bomb

The Ebomb. A weapon that damages electronic equipment and prevents the operation of any devices controlled by electronic equipment. The ebomb generates an intense electomagnetic field that covers a large area. It was considered for use in the Iraq war.

The ebomb is non nuclear and has no blast and low heat. The technology is fairly simple and easy to construct. A terrorist organization could build and deploy an ebomb. The device could disable systems controlled by computer and computer networks such as power distribution, communications, and financial transaction services. Any device with electronic components could become non operational, including heating and refrigeration equipment, vehilces, medical equipment, and fuel dispensation.

Summary by:
Alan Detwiler, author of Thrivers In An Uncertain Future; bio at