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America' dependence on foreign oil makes the economy subject to the unreliability of foreign oil supplies and the instability of oil prices.

Describes the suspicion that 100 mpg carburators have been invented but the patents were puchased by oil companies in order to squash use of those carburators.

Proposes that oil companies artificially inflate gasoline prices by limiting refining capacity to amounts that are just barely able to meet demand. Any situation that raises demand above normal or that reduces supply below normal then causes sharp increases in the price of gasoline. Events such as huricane Katrina or OPEC production reductions cause large gasoline price increases and large profits for oil companies.

From 1990 to 200? the oil and gas industries can contributed about $200 million dollars to political canidates. That money buys political influence that results in laws that favor oil company profits, high prices of gasoline, more pollution, and less independence of foreign oil.

Contains a segment on the history of Standard Oil and its monopolistic price inflating tactics. Editing out this segment and the one on the long mileage carburator could have shortened the program, perhaps making the program more concise and logical.

America's economy is dependent on the availibility and price of oil. Since 1970, foreign oil has been an increasing percentage of the U.S. oil usage. Oil prices have greatly increased over the last decades because of increasing demand, greater control by OPEC, and a shift to a greater dependence on foreign production.

Increase in usage by rapidly developing countries drives oil prices higher. Concerns over global warming force efforts to reduce oil consumption. Automobile fuel efficiency has doubled since 1970. Fuel efficiencies could be doubled again if technology and consumer demand would both embrace the needed changes.

A program to develop an alternate source of energy could develop a source of energy to replace oil. Lower energy cost, reduced pollution, and less reduced involvement in foreign conflicts would result.

U.S. oil production peaked in 1974. Some analysts say world oil production is due now (2012). Oil use will dramitically increase as the economies of China and India rapidly expand. Oil prices will rise sharply. To sustain our ways of life, alternative energy sources will be required.

Bio diesel and hydrogen are viable alternatives to petroleum based fuel.

Summary by:
Alan Detwiler, author of Thrivers In An Uncertain Future; bio at