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earth keepers

Environmental degradation is getting worse. We must find ecologically sensitive and sustainable ways of living. Consumption and rising population is straining economic, political, social, and ecological systems. Fundamental changes must be made to avoid break down of the systems that sustain us.

The more you depend on money for happiness the more unhappy you become. The more you depend on money for security, the more vulnerable you become. The present economic system is not sustainable. A vision of the future must be formed and then implemented step by step. New ways that are sustainable must be adopted. Individuals must make appropriate changes in order to set an example and bring others into the process.

Presents generalities more than specific ways to become sustainable. Advocates promoting consciousness of issues, forming alliances, establishing consensus, and maintaining dialogs with allies and opponents.

Recommends protection of ecology through education, community gardens, and activism.


Summary by:
Alan Detwiler, author of Thrivers In An Uncertain Future; bio at