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War-Related Climate Change Would Substantially Reduce Crop Yields
Released:7/2/2012 1:45 PM EDT
Source:University of Wisconsin-Madison

This article summarizes a study done using a computer climate model. The article postulates that a nuclear war between Pakistan and India results in the detonation of 50 nuclear weapons and the burning of large cities in those countries. The climate model predicts that the soot released into the atmosphere would cool earth's climate and reduce the length of growing seasons. Corn production in the U.S. would decline by 10 to 40 precent and rice production in Asia would declince by 21 percent. The declines would last multiple years.

Although the validity of the climate model would seem to be in doubt, if correct, such crop reductions might produce serious food shortages.


Summary by:
Alan Detwiler, author of Thrivers In An Uncertain Future; bio at