The guitar is a lot of fun to play. But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with the saxophone, piano, and any instrument which can get you enthusiastic about music. However, I believe that there’s a good reason why millions of people like me have experienced a lifetime of music due to the guitar.

Easy to learn

Don’t get this wrong. Learning to play an instrument requires lots of work, patience, time, and commitment. But, unfortunately, much like everything else worth doing, there isn’t a way to become proficient in playing guitar.

But, if you would like to learn some chords and play along to your favorite track, the guitar can be straightforward to master. If you are willing to spend a bit of time every day, within a week, you’ll be playing music and even playing with your friends.

Rock Music is very well-known.

Rock and roll grew in the same way as the electric guitar, and both are nearly one. However, the genre has changed a good number of times over the years and has evolved to the point that it is now a staple in other genres of music.

The modern country genre is simply a repackaged version of rock with some twang added. Metal is rock that has dark edges. Specific forms of blues and jazz are simply different versions of rock music. Ironically, it is true that rock originated from jazz, blues, and country. In some ways, it’s returned in fully-circle.

The variety of rock styles is exceptionally well-loved. Therefore, it is only natural that the guitar is a popular instrument since many people get attracted to learning the instrument after watching their favorite music.


Once you’ve got your instrument, you’ll need to shell out a lot of money on endless lessons, you think? Not necessarily. Many guitarists, including myself, have learned to play the guitar independently without a tutor. It’s not easy and requires an enormous amount of effort; however, you don’t have to take guitar lessons if there is no need to.

Learning to play guitar is much easier than when I first began to learn the instrument. There’s a wealth of free information and instruction on the internet, and you can get everything you want to know on your computer.

If you choose to sign up with a tutor or learn at your own pace is entirely up to you. There’s no problem with either method. The ability to study at your speed is what makes the guitar so well-liked.

Versatile Instruments

The guitar can also be a rhythm instrument and an instrument to lead. Sure, guitarists focus on either one; However, most are adept as lead and rhythm players.

Guitars are played in almost every genre of music. A country musician, a jazz guitarist, or even a heavy metal shredder can all use the same guitar model. As a guitarist, you do not have to be focusing on one type of music. The universe of music is accessible to you.

In addition, due to the wide variety of effects available on both acoustic and electric instruments, guitars can produce many different sounds. This makes guitars one of the most expressive and flexible instruments available.

Great for writing songs

If you’re an aspiring writer, the guitar could be one of the most effective instruments. If you are familiar with some chords, you could write songs on the guitar. If you can compose a melody, you will likely use the guitar.

I also encourage singers who do not play guitar in their groups to learn the instrument to understand how their lyrics will fit into the music.

Musicians and advanced guitarists find the guitar to be an orchestra by itself. Because a lot of music is based on the guitar, it is possible to picture how the final composition will sound. This is particularly helpful when you’re in the band and need to explain your ideas to musicians.


The piano players can have a lot of experience transporting their instruments around. Even the most extensive keyboards aren’t easy to carry. You don’t even need to ask what drummers must traverse each time they move their equipment.

For comparison, the guitar is simple to carry around. If you’re a guitarist who plays acoustic, there is no need to think about carrying an amp. Instead, consider investing in a sturdy case to protect your instrument from becoming damaged, and you’re ready to play.

Portability and Volume

You can play guitar with low volume.

Do you want to reside in an apartment close to a heavy-metal musician or a trumpeter? You’re better off choosing the metal guitar since they’re equipped with something that the trumpeter doesn’t have: the volume knob. (How they decide to use it is an entirely different matter.)

It’s important to note that you can play your guitar with a low volume or even use headphones. This is excellent news for those who are just beginning (and parents) because they can be a mess and make mistakes without being embarrassed.

It’s suitable for advanced players as it lets them practice at any time of the night or day without disrupting the other players who live nearby or with them.


It is unnecessary to spend lots of money to start playing the guitar. The top guitar brands provide instruments for every budget range. Some companies also offer starter kits that contain everything you require to begin playing, comprising picks, a strap, as well as extra strings and teaching tools.

I recommend spending about $300; however, you could go lower if you wish to. A few guitars for beginners cost lower than 100 dollars. It may be a bit expensive; however, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of starting with other instruments.

Guitars are readily accessible in good condition at discounted costs. The cost-effectiveness of beginning with the guitar is a well-liked first instrument for beginners.

Excellent for Solo Performers

If you want to sing and play solo using an instrument, the guitar and piano are options. Of course, it is possible to argue for banjo or ukulele, but the guitar is more well-known.

If you plan to perform as an instrumentalist, you have several options; however, the guitar remains in the middle of the list of options. You can play acoustic instruments with fingerstyle and perform with an electric guitar at the Jazz club or perform an event as a classical guitarist.

You can likely think of other ways to entertain yourself using a guitar, such as playing the bus or simply displaying at events. However, being able to entertain people using only the guitar is one of the things that is what makes it so well-known.